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Public Statements from Rep. Leon E. Stavrinakis:

Rep. Stavrinakis Reacts to Haley Veto of DHEC Port Permit Reversal (pdf)

Rep. Stavrinakis statement on the state budget (pdf)

Rep. Stavrinakis announces legislative opposition to SCE&G rate increase (pdf)

Rep. Stavrinakis comments on Boeing announcement (pdf)

Rep. Stavrinakis announces approval of highway dedication for fallen firefighters (pdf)

Representative Leon Stavrinakis introduces legislation to reform education funding and to protect South Carolina’s teachers:

Columbia: State Representative Leon Stavrinakis of District 119 in Charleston County today took steps to fulfill major campaign promises made in the November elections. Rep. Stavrinakis introduced House Bill 3348, the South Carolina Classroom Priority Act, to require that all school districts in South Carolina spend 65% of their operating budget on “in classroom” expenditures and House Bill 3347, the Teacher Protection Act, to protect teachers who are the victims of crimes committed by students.

“Our citizens are demanding reform in our education funding system, the cutting of waste and directing tax dollars directly to our teachers and students in the classrooms of South Carolina. The Classroom Priority Act (H.3348) would make all of that a reality. This will allow us to give our students the classroom equipment and supplies they need and our teachers the raises they deserve without raising taxes” commented Mr. Stavrinakis. “We need to end forever the days of our dedicated teachers reaching into their pockets to pay for basic classroom supplies.”

“As for the Teacher Protection Act (H.3347), it is important to protect our teachers and at the same time send a message that discipline in our classrooms is not optional” stated Stavrinakis. “This bill sets penalties for those who would physically attack our teachers and makes teachers whole for any damages done” added the Charleston lawmaker.

“I want to thank all of my co-sponsors in the House of Representatives and Senator Glenn McConnell who previously introduced the Teacher Protection Act in the Senate. I encourage all South Carolinians to contact their legislators and ask them to support these common sense reforms” he concluded.



Stavrinakis seeks bold property insurance reform

See Leon's proposed insurance reform here

Representative Leon Stavrinakis Comments on the Tragic Deaths of Charleston Firefighters:

“On behalf of the good people of House District 119, my wife Anne and I want to express our most sincere condolences to the families and co-workers of these brave firefighters. It is with tremendous sadness that we, along with all residents of Charleston County, attempt to deal with this horrible tragedy and pray for these men and their loved ones. We must not allow our overwhelming sorrow to keep us from recognizing these men and their colleagues as the true heroes they really are. These courageous public servants died saving the lives of others, a risk all firefighters take with them to work as a realistic possibility each and every day they report for duty. We owe them our thanks and our full support not just today but every day of the week.”

“Today, at the request of the entire Charleston County Delegation, the House adjourned in honor of our fallen heroes. In the coming days, I encourage all of us to commit to some act of support, no matter how small, for their families and their surviving co-workers. They need our community’s support more than ever and we must answer the call just as they did yesterday and always do for us. Thank you and may God Bless.”


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