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Ethics Reform and Government Accountability

In 2012, I was a part of the trio of legislators who introduced one of the most sweeping ethics reform packages in South Carolina history. Last year I was proud to help pass strong ethics reform legislation out of the House of Representatives. But we must do more. As a member of the House Ethics Committee, I am a strong supporter of transparency, accountability, and oversight. I believe sunshine is the best disinfectant and the voters deserve an honest and open state government. Additionally, I believe we cannot have a truly functional state government until we reform the redistricting process in South Carolina so an independent commission, not partisan state legislators, draw district lines.

  • Income disclosure for all legislators


  • Independent investigations of elected officials


  • Pass strict lobbying reform that cracks down on special interest influence in Columbia


  • Ban Leadership PACs


  • Prohibit electioneering by third party groups without disclosing their donors and expenditures


  • Create a nonpartisan redistricting committee to draw legislative and congressional lines instead of politicians



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