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Fixing Our Roads and Improving Traffic

The General Assembly has until June to pass a roads funding bill or we will have to start from scratch in 2017. I have made this issue a top priority throughout my service in the legislature. I am working with both parties to pass a smart roads plan this year that fixes our crumbling roads, reforms DOT, and makes sure Charleston receives its fair share of funds back home.

  • Finish 526: Leon secured the $420 million for I-526 in 2006 and special interests have stood in the way of the project for too long. I will continue fighting for this project so that residents in West Ashley and the Islands have an alternative route to and from work and a safe evacuation route


  • Complete the flyover at Main & Highway 17


  • Improvements Maybank Highway, Folly Road, Savannah Highway, Highway 61, Glenn McConnell Parkway, and more


  • Provide more bike/pedestrian options


  • Invest in Bus Rapid Transit to create affordable express service from our suburbs to employment center


  • Provide more park and ride options


  • Sync up traffic lights in real time to improve traffic flow on Savannah Highway, Highway 61, Folly Road and more


  • Reform DOT including capping administrative costs

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